Aged Domain Due Diligence

Receive a 23-point analysis on your aged domain acquisition. Our goal is to minimize risks so you get the best deal. View a sample report.

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Our Due Diligence Eliminates Risks

Our team has performed due diligence on over 200+ aged domains. We’ve acquired, grown, and sold many websites build on aged domains.

We catch red flags in our aged domain due diligence to save you money on a costly acquisition.

What’s Covered?

We perform a rigorous 22-point analysis of your content website acquisition. We deliver a written report outlining our findings with metrics to showcase the pros and cons of the asset. Our analysis digs deep into these categories.

Domain Age

The age of a domain is a critical metric. We analyze the listed age of the domain against third-party sources to verify.

Actual age as listed in

Verified against website archives

Sales History

We analyze if the domain was sold at auction or other marketplaces prior to this acquisition. This is good information to have to understand the value of the domain.

Number of past sales

Last known sale price

Last known sale location

Website History

Our analysis is looking to find any outlier content that used to sit in this domain compared to the original website and backlinks profile.

Verification of past website’s on the domain

Verification of topical relevancy of all websites

Metrics related to total archive snapshots

Backlink Profile

Our analysis looks at the backlink profile of the website to point out notable links and verify if the links match up with the history of the website.

Verification of backlink profile relevancy to the content on the website

Verification of any spam links (e.g., PBNs)

Notable backlinks for the domain

Backlink breakdown by domain rating

Anchor Text Profile

Our analysis looks at the anchor text profile to understand if any nefarious practices took place, if the profile is diverse, and if the anchor text matches the topic of the website.

Anchor text breakdown by type

Analysis of nefarious anchor texts


We shortlist competitors that are obtaining good traffic in the niche this aged domain is in.

Shortlist low to high-authority competitors

SEO metrics related to competitors


We look through the USPTO to see if there are any trademark issues with the aged domain.

Searching for keywords to find any live or dead trademarks

Analyzing matching of topics for any live trademarks

Traffic History & Indexation

We analyze the historical traffic trendline using third-party SEO tools. We also check if the domain’s old content is still indexed in major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Analyze pages indexed in Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Analyze the volume of traffic now and in the past

Analyze the trending traffic


This analysis will help you understand the valuation of your aged domain if you are buying from a private party, auction listing, or retail marketplace.

Calculation of the “true” value of the domain

Compare & contrast against our proprietary domain cost metrics

The Due Diligence Team

Mushfiq Sarker, Lead Analyst

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. He has sold over 200+ websites with multiple six-figure exits. He has deep expertise in SEO, conversation optimization, and affiliate marketing, among others.

He has performed due diligence on 200+ aged domains to date from auction and marketplace listings. He has a portfolio of websites built on aged domains and thus brings real-world expertise.

Mushfiqur Sarker main

Luka Juretic, Technical Analyst

Luka has been active in this industry for the past 5 years. Formerly, he was the Lead Analyst at Investors Club, a well-known content website brokerage, and also as a manager at Alpha Investors, a done-for-you website agency.

He has derived strategies and built 100+ websites for clients at the agencies he has worked in. He brings real hands-on experience in vetting aged domains for clients.

Luka Juretic

Common Questions

Who is this due diligence service for?

This service is for beginners and experts alike. Age domains can range in value from a couple of hundred dollars to 5-figures in valuation. Building websites on aged domains can be lucrative if done right. Our service helps you vet the aged domain you want to acquire to ensure it is free of any red flags.

What is the turnaround on the due diligence?

After we’ve received access to what we need to perform the due diligence, the turnaround time is within 7 business days. If the turnaround time is longer, we will communicate that with you.

Can I get a faster turnaround on the report?

Yes. On a case-by-case basis, we can expedite an order to be delivered in 3-4 business days. There is an additional fee for quicker turnaround.

What’s required to perform aged domain due diligence?

We require the following to perform due diligence:

  • URL of the domain
  • Location where the aged domain is sold (i.e., marketplace, GoDaddy auctions, private)
  • Your intent on what you want to build out on the domain (optional)

How is the report delivered?

A link to download your written report (PDF) will be sent to the email address used to purchase.

Pricing & Next Steps

Most Popular

Due Diligence Report: $990

Our advisors will perform a 23-point analysis of your potential aged domain acquisition. You will receive an in-depth PDF report. View a sample report.

We deliver the results within 7 business days.

Add-On Service

Aged Domain Rebuild: $1,295

Our team of analysts will rigorously analyze your aged domain to put together a strategy spreadsheet and summary report. View a sample report.

The deliverable is a PDF and spreadsheet report.

Fill out the contact form with basic details of the aged domain you would like to acquire. We will follow up in less than 24 hours if we can perform the due diligence review.