Weekly M&A: 9 Listings, News & Analysis

Weekly M&A: 9 Listings, News & Analysis

Get the inside scoop on the online business M&A industry with businesses for sale, news, and market analysis.

WebAcquisition’s DealFeed tool found 360 online businesses for sale with 31 new listings over the last 7 days, and 158 aged listings sitting on the market for too long. 157 deals had recent valuation changes. 119 deals had recent changes in multiple.

🚀 Broker Listings

We cover businesses for sale that are new, aged, or undervalued.

$6K/mo Equipment Site (listed 4 days ago) – $260,381 valuation at a 46X multiple. The site primarily earns through display ads (79%) and Amazon Associates (20%). Owner is not actively working on the site and content hasn’t been added for months. Earnings and traffic are on a strong upward trend. View on Empire Flippers

$11.2K/mo Food Site (reduced by $11,585) – New valuation at $521,067 at a 47X multiple. 3-site package that primarily earns through AdThrive display ads (95%). Includes an email list with 9K subscribers. View on Empire Flippers

$15K/mo Video Game Site (reduced multiple by 3x): New valuation at $545,000 valuation at a 36X multiple. The 1.5 year-old site earns via Mediavine display ads. The last three months have had higher than average earnings. View on Quiet Light

$12.8K/mo Liquor Site (increased by $44,066) – $453,380 valuation at a 35X multiple. Earns 100% from display ads so there is an opportunity to increase revenue with affiliate programs. Traffic has exceeded 500K unique visitors for the last 3 months. Site is young at just over 1 year old. View on Investors Club

$800/mo Tech Site (listed 4 days ago) – $31,270 valuation at a 37X multiple. 2-year-old site earns through Amazon Associates and Ezoic Premium. Built on expired domain. View on Motion Invest

🤞 Auction & Off-Market

We cover listings where more “effort” is needed since there is no prospectus. You need to bid and/or ask questions to obtain data.

$700/mo Pregnancy and Baby Site: 2-year-old site earning via Ezoic, Amazon Associates, and affiliate links to courses. 128 articles published. Pageviews have decreased from around 30K to 20K. Reserve set at $15,000. View on Flippa

$500/mo Tech Site: 2-year-old site focused on reviewing laptops and earning via Amazon Associates and Adsense. Pageviews over 30K and 1.5K referring domains. Content is programmatically generated using templates and Excel. View on Flippa

$700/mo Smart Home Site: 2-year-old site earning $722 per month L3M average via Amazon Associates and Ezoic Premium. 104 articles published. The asking price is $25,250 at a 35X multiple(L3M). View on Facebook

$150/mo Kitchenware Site: 2-year-old site earning $159 per month L6M average via Amazon Associates and Adsense. 109 articles published. The asking price is $6,300 at a 40X multiple. View on Facebook

📰 M&A News

Check out the new happenings in the acquisitions industry.

TreasureHunter Raising $2 Million Fund for Content Portfolio

TreasureHunter is seeking to raise a fund of $2 million from investors for a portfolio of 4-6 content sites. They are raising the fund on Flippa Invest and they require a minimum $10K investment. TreasureHunter is a content company that acquires content sites and attempts to increase their value (they provided the example of OutsiderGaming.com).

ChatGPT Goes Viral

There is a lot of buzz around the AI tool ChatGPT which grew to over 1 million users in just 5 days. Many people are amazed at the quality of the answers it provides and many are predicting that it will cause disruption and take market share from Google Search.

📈 Analysis: Are 6-Figure Sites More Stable?

If you buy a 6-figure site, should you expect traffic to be relatively stable with less risk of a significant traffic decrease? Not necessarily.

We looked at a sample of 15 sites listed on the Motion Invest marketplace in 2021 with a starting list price of over $100,000.

The YoY AHREFs organic traffic change ranged from an 813% increase to a 99% decrease. 33% of the sites in our sample lost over 75% of their organic traffic after one year.

Here is the data:

Listing DateStarting TrafficTraffic After 1 Year% Change
*Traffic numbers taken from AHREFs with a starting date close to the listing date.

This data supports the importance of strong due diligence, especially when considering the purchase of a six-figure website.

👉 Additional Resources

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