Weekly M&A: 10 Listings, News & Analysis (Jan 13)

Weekly M&A: 10 Listings, News & Analysis (Jan 13)

Get the inside scoop on the online business M&A industry with businesses for sale, news, and market analysis.

WebAcquisition’s DealFeed tool found 360 online businesses for sale with 28 new listings over the last 7 days, and 169 aged listings sitting on the market for too long. 177 deals had recent valuation changes. 126 deals had recent changes in multiple.

🚀 Broker Listings

We cover businesses for sale that are new, aged, or undervalued.

$3.3K/mo Health and Fitness Site (listed 5 days ago) – $150,770 valuation at a 47X multiple. This 8-year-old site earns primarily via Adsense (65%) and affiliate (29%). A small percentage is earned from guest posts (6%). 1,000 articles published with a focus on fitness facilities. Traffic has been higher than 60K visitors per month for all of 2022 so it may be eligible to join a premium display network. View on Empire Flippers

$15.8K/mo Food and Beverage Site (listed 5 days ago) – $579,904 valuation at a 39X multiple. This listing is interesting because it is only 1 year and 4 months old and reached 1 million pageviews after the first 8 months. It was built on an aged domain with ten 301 redirects. View on Empire Flippers

$2.9K/mo Lifestyle and Quiz Site (listed 5 days ago) – $123,023 valuation at a 42X multiple. This 3-year-old site earns via AdThrive display ads only. Traffic appears seasonal with significantly higher traffic in December and January. View on Empire Flippers

Electric Fly Swatter Brand (listed 5 days ago): Electric fly swatter brand selling for inventory value only ($200,000). 5-year-old e-commerce brand was previously profitable but was not profitable in 2022. The owner’s current employer requires them to divest from their business. View on Quiet Light

$8.2K/mo Cat Site (listed 8 days ago) – $327,400 valuation at a 40X multiple. 4-year-old site earning via display ads (76%) and affiliate (24%). Site was purchased in January 2021 by a website investing business in Belgium. The traffic trend has been increasing with 90K visitors in each of the last 4 months. View on Investors Club

$370/mo Tech Site (listed 7 days ago) – $13,840 valuation at a 37X multiple. 1-year-old site earns through Adsense only. 240 articles published on the topic of settings for tech products. Traffic appears to have dropped in August 2022 but has since recovered. View on Motion Invest

🤞 Auction & Off-Market

We cover listings where more “effort” is needed since there is no prospectus. You need to bid and/or ask questions to obtain data.

$1.8K/mo Information Search Site: 14-year-old site from my own portfolio earning $1,793 L6M average per month via 4 different affiliate networks. Site built on an aged domain that gets a majority of traffic from Bing and Yahoo Search. Asking price of $82,478 at a 46X multiple. Request info via Google Form

$600/mo Tech Gadget Site: 2-year-old site earning an average of $683 per month via Amazon Associates. Built on a brandable aged domain with over 2K linking domains. View on Flippa

$900/mo Video Game Quiz Site: 2-year-old site earning $964 per month via display ads. 235 published pages with about 1.5K linking domains and over 20K visitors per month. Traffic has been trending downward in recent months. View on Flippa

Cocktail Recipe Niche Site: 2-year-old site earning via Mediavine display ads only. 80 articles receiving 15K-18K traffic per month (below Mediavine requirements). Site has 900 linking domains (AHREFs) and 4,000 social media followers. View on Facebook

📰 M&A News

Check out the new happenings in the acquisitions industry.

Large Publishers Have Started Using AI Content

Sites like Bankrate and CNET have started publishing AI content on their high authority sites. They include a disclaimer on the page that states that the content was generated with automated technology and reviewed and fact-checked by the editorial staff. Bankrate and CNET are both owned by Red Ventures.

OpenAI is Working on a Paid Version of ChatGPT

Greg Brockman, the president of OpenAI announced a waitlist for a paid “professional” version of ChatGPT that they are working on. The waitlist page states that the “experimental” paid version would provide faster responses, no blackout windows, and higher limits.

📈 Analysis: Flippa’s Data Shows Strong Demand for Content Sites

Flippa analyzed searches on their platform in 2022 to see what buyers are looking for.

Of the 4.2 million searches in 2022, 2 of the top 5 searches were the content related terms “blog” and “Adsense”. “Blog” was #2 with 150,000 searches and “Adsense” was #4 with over 140,000 searches.

According to Flippa, demand for online businesses skyrocketed in 2022 and they expect it to continue to increase. They are seeing a record number of well-capitalized strategic buyers and established operators enter the space”.

Flippa is my number one source for finding website deals. I have made over 150 transactions on the Flippa marketplace including two successful 6-figure case studies.

Here is the breakdown for the current number of Flippa listings based on monthly profit:

Monthly ProfitListings

The best opportunities are often the underoptimized sites with between $100 – $1K in monthly profit. These sites have gained initial traction and often have a lot of untapped potential.

👉 Additional Resources

Here are relevant resources to check up on:

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