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WebAcquisition’s DealFeed tool found 351 online businesses for sale with 40 new listings over the last 7 days, and 157 aged listings sitting on the market for too long. 133 deals had recent valuation changes. 110 deals had recent changes in multiple.

🚀 Broker Listings

We cover businesses for sale that are new, aged, or undervalued.

$19.6K/mo Real Estate Site (listed 5 days ago) – $700,612 valuation at a 44X multiple. This site has informational and reviews content about home improvement and real estate. Revenue is evenly split between display ads (55%) and affiliate partnerships (44%). Traffic is on an upward trend with 300K monthly pageviews. View on Empire Flippers

$4.2K/mo Homeschool Site (listed 5 days ago) – $139,412 valuation at a 40X multiple. Revenue is well diversified with Mediavine display ads, sponsored posts, digital products, and affiliate links. They also have an email list with 20k subscribers and a Facebook Group with 2.1k members. View on Empire Flippers

$12.7K/mo Home and Hobbies Site (reduced by $88,948) – New valuation at $482,861 at a 38X multiple. All earnings are from affiliates so there is a good opportunity for adding AdThrive or Mediavine display ads with 188k pageviews. Owner is working on phasing out PBN links. Highly seasonal summer site. View on Empire Flippers

$17K/mo Travel Site (listed 4 days ago): $625,000 valuation at a 42X multiple. Earns about 60% from Mediavine and 40% from Amazon Associates. Traffic has increased 350% YOY. Was acquired from the original owner in 2020. View on Quiet Light

$720/mo Swimwear Site (listed 4 days ago) – $23,040 valuation at a low 32X multiple. The traffic is very seasonal with low traffic and earnings in the winter months. Relatively thin link profile. View on Investors Club

$898/mo Tech Site (listed 4 days ago) – $23,900 valuation at a 27X multiple. Built on an expired domain and traffic is on a downtrend so the multiple was lowered. The site earns through AdThrive. View on Motion Invest

🤞 Auction & Off-Market

We cover listings where more “effort” is needed since there is no prospectus. You need to bid and/or ask questions to obtain data.

$227/mo Generator Site: 3-year-old site earning $227 per month L6M average via Adsense and Amazon Associates. 48 published articles. The asking price is $7,959. View on Facebook

$1,300/mo Beauty Site: 2-year old site with over 40k monthly pageviews. The asking price is $48,000. Currently monetized with AdThrive and Amazon Associates. View on Flippa

$1,890/mo Tech Site: 6-year-old tech content site. 15k pageviews per month. Reports earnings of over $4k in 3 of last 4 months from affiliate programs. Asking price is $75,000. View on Flippa

📰 M&A News

Check out the new happenings in the acquisitions industry.

Empire Flippers Capital Round 4 is Open

Empire Flippers Capital Round 4 is open to new investors. Investors in round 1 earned cash yields of an average of 14.6% over the last twelve months. Investors need to be accredited.

The affiliate and display portfolio is managed by Mohit Tater of Blackbook Investments and he is raising between $1 to $2 million to purchase between 2 to 5 content businesses. Over $500k has already been raised.

Due Diligence Firm Centurica Acquired for 7-Figures

The due diligence firm Centurica was acquired by entrepreneur Nate Ginsburg. Centurica focused on due diligence on online businesses with a focus on large FBA businesses.

Centurica and WebAcquisition.com are part of the same M&A market helping acquisition entrepreneurs with due diligence services. Congrats to Nate!

HalfMarathons.net Sells for 6-Figures

Content site HalfMarathons.net sold for 6-figures at a 44X multiple via Quiet Light Brokerage. The site had roughly 900,000 pageviews per month and a newsletter with 50,000 subscribers.

The team at WebAcquisition helped the buyer by performing due diligence before the site was purchased. Congrats to both parties!

📈 Analysis: Multiples Steady During Start of Q4

Multiples are holding steady at around 36X average across 351 online business listings. The average multiple has decreased slightly from its peak due to factors like the slowing economy.

The number of listings of content sites is down as expected during the start of Q4. Sellers typically do not want to sell during the highest earning months of the year. We will see an influx of deals in Q1 2023.

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