Weekly M&A: 10 Listings, News & Analysis

Weekly M&A: 10 Listings, News & Analysis

Get the inside scoop in the online business M&A industry with business for sale, news, and market analysis.

WebAcquisition’s DealFeed tool found 352 online businesses for sale with 33 new listings over the last 7 days, and 158 aged listings sitting on the market for too long. 145 deals had recent valuation changes. 113 deals had recent changes in multiple.

🚀 Broker Listings

We cover businesses for sale that are new, aged, or undervalued.

$5.5K/mo Gaming Site (listed 5 days ago) – $138,693 valuation at a 25X multiple. The site earns primarily through Mediavine (85%) and the rest is affiliate. The site is just under 2 years old and has over 1,000 articles. View on Empire Flippers

$31K/mo Art Education Site (listed 5 days ago) – $1.5 million valuation at 49X multiple. 82% of earnings are from display advertising and 17% from e-commerce. An 11 year-old site with over 1.2 million monthly pageviews, 2 million social followers, and an email list of about 17k subscribers. No new content added since March. View on Empire Flippers

$5.7K/mo Finance Site (listed 7 days ago) – $189,684 valuation at a low 33X multiple. The traffic and earnings have declined from the peak. The site is almost 3 years old with 400 articles and almost 4,000 referring domains. View on Investors Club

$1.5K/mo Tech Site (reduced by $11,532) – New valuation of $46,066 at 31X multiple. 5-year-old site with 900 articles published and over 6,000 referring domains. Traffic and earnings have decreased from the peak earlier this year. View on Investors Club

$1.5K/mo Survival Site (listed 4 days ago) – $69,730 valuation at a 38X multiple. The site earns via AdThrive, Amazon Associates, and other affiliate programs. 170 articles published with about 40 published recently. View on Motion Invest

$2.8k/mo Automotive Site (reduced by $53,050) – New valuation of $65,000 valuation at a 23X multiple. The site earns through Mediavine. The site lost traffic and rankings in October. View on Motion Invest

🤞 Auction & Off-Market

We cover listings where more “effort” is needed since there is no prospectus. You need to bid and/or ask questions to obtain data.

$510/mo Fireplace Site: 2-year old site in the home niche earning via Amazon Associates. 96 published articles. View on Flippa

$800/mo Mom Site: 6-year old site in the mom niche earning via sponsored posts and affiliate programs. 257 published articles and over 1,000 referring domains. View on Flippa

$350/mo Tech Product Site: 10-month-old tech product review site earning via Amazon Associates. 130 published articles. View on Flippa

$1K/mo Nightlife Lead Generation Site Package: 2-site package of lead generation sites earning between $1K to 1.5K monthly. Requires about 15 minutes per month to collect payment. The asking price is $40,000. View on Facebook

📰 M&A News

Check out the new happenings in the acquisitions industry.

Travis Jamison Acquires 6% of Onfolio

Travis Jamison announced that he acquired 6% of Onfolio Holdings Inc (ONFO), a publicly traded company that acquires and manages online businesses.

He states in the article that every share he buys is discounted by 50% due to the post-IPO value of Onfolio.

Root + Revel Acquired for 6 Figures

The holistic health site Root + Revel was sold for 6 figures to an individual buyer via BlogsforSale.co. It had 10,000 email subscribers, up to 200K pageviews per month, and over $700K in revenue since 2015.

Highest RPMs of the Year Expected Next Week

According to AdThrive, most sites see the highest display ad earnings of the year on Black Friday.

Food sites typically have their highest earning day on Thanksgiving. Tech, finance, and news sites typically have their highest RPMs on Cyber Monday.

📈 Analysis: Look Out For Stagnant Listings

There are often stagnant or slow listings at broker marketplaces that present a good opportunity to acquire an online business at below market prices.

These are not necessarily “low-quality”, but often the price is set too high initially and so fewer potential buyers are interested.

Here is a breakdown by broker of slow listings from DealFeed (not sold after 3 months):

  1. Latona’s: 54
  2. Investors Club: 25
  3. Empire Flippers: 15
  4. Quiet Light: 11

Oftentimes, brokers do a poor job of re-marketing stagnant listings hence they end up at the “bottom” of the listing pool.

If a site has not been sold after several months, the seller may be more willing to accept a low offer.

👉 Additional Resources

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