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Our advisors help you buy, scale, or exit your online business. We advise through all stages of an online business’s lifecycle.

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Eliminate Risks When Buying An Online Business

Mergers & acquisition is our forte. Our team has combined 50+ years of experience in buying and selling online businesses.

Our team comprises of operators, SEO specialists, due diligence experts, and investors who can help you scale your holding company.

Our analysis pinpoints the pros and red flags of each asset.

Our Services

Website Due Diligence

Tap into our decades of experience buying online businesses. We’ve performed due diligence on over 1,000 online businesses to date. Our team of advisors personally acquires multiple businesses per year thus equipping us with the up-to-date knowledge needed to rigorously review your acquisition target.

Growth Strategies

As operators, we advise on revenue-generating growth strategies for all types of businesses. We take a comprehensive look at the businesses to determine the levers you can pull. This can include conversion rate optimization, SEO, new revenue sources, and more.

Website Mergers

Our team of SEO experts has performed large-scale mergers to combine multiple existing websites together. We rigorously go through each piece of content to determine how it should be merged. This service delivers a strategic plan you can follow.

Choose Merge Sites


Do you have a shortlist of businesses for sale you want reviewed? Or are you looking for an overall strategy on how to scale your media holding company, brand acquisitions, SEO, and more? We can help.

Our 3-Step Process



We collect information from you about the specific project. Our advisors work together to determine the next steps, timelines, and set expectations.



We get right into the project by implementing our proprietary processes, whether that is due diligence, mergers, or growth strategies. Our team works fast but diligently to ensure A-class output.



We share the results with you via e-mail and set up any follow-up calls. We explain step-by-step what we would do in your situation. We have your back through this journey.

Our Expert Team

Our primary criteria for team members: they must manage their own businesses and have had multiple exits within the last 12 months. This ensures our team is up-to-date on all recent M&A activity and has a full understanding of how to vet online businesses. Our team is world-class.

Mushfiqur Sarker main

Mushfiqur Sarker

Founder and M&A Advisor

Mushfiq has been active in the online business space since 2008, with over 215 website exits to date. He is the founder of The Website Flip, a media company in online M&A. Connect on LinkedIn.

Luka Juretic

Luka Juretic

Lead Due Diligence Analyst

Luka has performed due diligence on content websites for over 5 years now. Formerly he was the Lead Analyst at Investors Club brokerage. With a technical background and education in Law, he brings a wealth of experience in spotting red flags. Connect on LinkedIn.

David Holmes

David Holmes

Amazon FBA M&A Advisor

David has acquired, grown, and successfully exited 2 Amazon-based businesses. He now consults for multiple 7-figure Amazon FBA brands. Connect on LinkedIn.

Elliot Davidson

Elliott Davidson

Ecommerce M&A Advisor

Elliott is an award-winning eCommerce Consultant and entrepreneur. He is the owner/operator of several 7-figure online stores and the founder of his own eCommerce digital marketing agency, Contrast. Connect on LinkedIn.


Check out a selection of reviews from recent clients.

We hired Mushfiq’s team to perform due diligence on various content sites. Their reports were extremely thorough and pointed out insights that helped us make an acquisition decision.

Scott Oldford

Scott Oldford

The Wisdom Group

The WebAcquisition team helped us perform due diligence reviews on multiple Amazon FBA businesses. We received an actionable report with many insights. I highly recommend Mushfiq and his team!

Ed Snelson from Venturr

Ed Snelson

I hired the WebAcquistion team to perform due diligence on a few content, Shopify, and newsletter businesses. Their deep expertise in operating such businesses definitely shows in the reports. Recommended!

Jacky Chou from Indexsy

Jacky Chou


WebAcquisition team performed a due diligence review of a content website we wanted to acquire from Empire Flipper’s brokerage. They reviewed everything related to the website and provided insights that have helped us make a decision. Recommended!

My consultation with WebAcquisition was very valuable and insightful. I was seeking feedback on potentially merging two sites into one and the conversation helped determine the best path forward, but also covered some other things like better monetization techniques. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced

Bryan May

Mushfiq and his team did a deep-dive growth strategy for my website, They provide keyword research, on-page SEO improvements, and full analysis of revenue easy wins. These strategies will help propel my business to the next level.

Nicolás Cerdeira

Nico Cerdeira

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