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Our Due Diligence Service Eliminates Risks

Our team has performed due diligence on over 1,000 BigCommerce, Shopify, e-commerce, and Amazon FBA businesses. We’ve scaled several businesses to over 7 figures.

We know how to perform due diligence. We find the pros and cons of each acquisition to save you from making a mistake.

What’s Covered?

We conduct a thorough 21-point analysis of your possible BigCommerce purchase to provide you with the confidence you need to move forward. We are experts who operate our own portfolio of e-Commerce businesses. We identify potential issues that others may overlook because we have hands-on experience.

The report breaks down into the following sections:


Most BigCommerce brands are focused on catering to a specific niche. As experts who have analyzed BigCommerce businesses for sale in multiple categories, we understand the intricacies of dealing with individual categories and market nuances. We look at:

Overall market size and trends

Positioning in the market

Main competitors


Having a great product is essential for successful marketing. The more effectively your product addresses a specific pain point, the more likely you are to succeed. We look at:

Unit margins (gross profit margins)

USPs (unique selling points)


BigCommerce Operations

Even though people are at the heart of every company, systems allow it to scale and stay intact even if a staff member leaves. We analyze:

BigCommerce setup

Registered trademarks

Business model


Your customers care about buying products from their preferred shopping channels, regardless of the marketing channels you use. We analyze and put into context:

Revenue distribution

Sales channel performance

Growth opportunities


To ensure customer satisfaction, it is important to keep them informed about the shipping process and ensure timely delivery. We look at:

In-house or via 3PL?

Couriers and rates

Return rates


Valuation of BigCommerce businesses is based on a multiple of Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE). Determining the valuation multiple depends on various factors such as the niche, market trends, metrics, etc. We look for:

Evaluate asking price and multiple against market trends

Expert suggestions on what the business is worth


Once you have run an eCommerce business, you know that managing cash flow is challenging and critical to success. We analyze:

Inventory value

P&L (Profit & Loss) review


You can achieve more with a team than alone, so it’s important to have one to reach your goals. We analyze:

Team members and roles

Understaffing or overstaffing issues

The Due Diligence Team

Mushfiq Sarker, Lead Analyst

Mushfiq is the Lead Analyst overseeing due diligence reviews. He has been buying, growing, and selling online websites since 2008. He currently manages multiple 7-figure Shopify and e-commerce businesses.

He has performed due diligence on well over 1,000 content websites to date. He has kept up-to-date with the current industry as an operator running his own companies.

Mushfiqur Sarker main

David Holmes, Ecommerce Advisor

David has acquired, grown, and successfully exited 2 Amazon-based businesses. He now consults for multiple 7-figure Amazon FBA brands.

David acquired a declining Amazon FBA business in January 2020. By revitalizing the listing, the Amazon ad strategy, and the supply chain, he grew revenue 500% in the next 12 months while reducing the cost of goods sold. He ultimately sold that brand in September 2022 to a private buyer.

David has deep expertise in Amazon FBA’s ecosystem.

David Holmes

Elliott Davidson, Ecommerce Advisor

Elliott is an award-winning eCommerce consultant and entrepreneur. He is the owner and operator of several 7-figure online stores and the founder of his own eCommerce digital marketing agency, Contrast.

With over 8 years of experience in digital marketing both in-house and agency-side, he’s helped deliver successful website migrations and implement scalable PPC sales funnels for local and global eCommerce businesses, all the way to generating multi-millions in organic revenue.

One of his main growth strategies is to leverage M&A. Over the last several years he has used this method and bought several businesses from IP, stock, and LTD purchases. 

Elliot Davidson


We hired Mushfiq’s team to perform due diligence on various content sites. Their reports were extremely thorough and pointed out insights that helped us make an acquisition decision.

Scott Oldford

Scott Oldford

The Wisdom Group

The WebAcquisition team helped us perform due diligence reviews on multiple Amazon FBA businesses. We received an actionable report with many insights. I highly recommend Mushfiq and his team!

Ed Snelson from Venturr

Ed Snelson

WebAcquisitions was fast, responsive, and most competitively priced. Turning around my report in only 5 days, they are one of the few firms that do a thorough SEO assessment as well as validating revenues. Mushfiq’s experience allowed us to catch things that weren’t on our radar.

Jasmine Grainger

Jasmine Grainger

I hired the WebAcquistion team to perform due diligence on a few content, Shopify, and newsletter businesses. Their deep expertise in operating such businesses definitely shows in the reports. Recommended!

Jacky Chou from Indexsy

Jacky Chou


WebAcquisition team performed a due diligence review of a content website we wanted to acquire from Empire Flipper’s brokerage. They reviewed everything related to the website and provided insights that have helped us make a decision. Recommended!

My consultation with WebAcquisition was very valuable and insightful. I was seeking feedback on potentially merging two sites into one and the conversation helped determine the best path forward, but also covered some other things like better monetization techniques. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced

Bryan May

Mushfiq and the team are experts and are always great to work with. Not only do they have a very quick turnaround on Due Diligence reports themselves (I’ve used them twice now for two successful purchases), Mushfiq is always available for follow-up questions. He is also extremely quick to respond. Would recommend.

Chris Adler from Paragraph Capital

Chris Adler

Paragraph Capital

I was very happy with the [Amazon KDP] report as it opened my eyes and without question prevented me from making a big mistake.

The report covers everything and makes your decision a lot easier, the money is well spent.

I highly recommend WebAcquisition.

Henrik H.

The DD report was very informative, detailed, and expertly put together.

It was a valuable tool to help inform my decision on the [YouTube channel] business I was looking to acquire. It was money well spent considering the cost of the business I was looking to buy. I highly recommend their services.

Brian Alper

Pricing & Next Steps

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Due Diligence Report: $2,900+

Our advisors will perform a 21-point analysis of your potential BigCommerce acquisition. You will receive an in-depth PDF report. View a sample report.

Final pricing is dependent on the number of SKUs, brands, and complexity.

We deliver the results within 7 business days.

Fill out the contact form with basic details of the business you would like to acquire. We will follow up in less than 24 hours if we can perform the due diligence review.

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