Website SEO Strategy Analysis

We perform an in-depth audit to develop a content strategy for the next phase of your website’s growth. We tie this into a revenue audit to pinpoint how to generate more revenue. View sample report.

Technical Experts Spreadsheet & PDF Report 7-Day Turnaround

Our Strategies Increase Bottom-Line Profits

We’ve built multiple 7-figure websites on SEO and content marketing. We employ the same tactics to develop a custom plan for your website.

We don’t just get “traffic” for the sake of it. The traffic will generate bottom-line profits.

What’s Covered?

As a first step, we perform a rigorous analysis of what’s been working on the website in terms of topic silos, keywords, and which articles generate revenue. This starting point enables us to find new growth opportunities.

We deliver a spreadsheet report that outlines new content topics that the website should rank for in minimal time. Accompanied with the report is an in-depth summary report that provides further insights for growth (e.g., internal linking opportunities, structural changes)

The multi-step process is as follows:

Analyze your website to understand what topics are getting traction

Perform keyword research to find low-competition high-value keywords within certain pre-determined topics (seed keywords)

Develop a content strategy around the new keywords via a SERP analysis, content titles, ideal word count, competition, etc.

Analysis website’s on-page SEO to find opportunities for growth

Our growth strategies will give you a dedicated blueprint to follow for the next 6 to 12 months of operations for your website.

The Analysis Team

Mushfiq Sarker

Mushfiq has been buying, growing, and selling content websites since 2008. He has sold over 200+ websites with multiple six-figure exits. He has deep expertise in SEO, conversation optimization, and affiliate marketing, among others.

Mushfiq shares his deep experience in growing content websites in these growth strategy reports.

Mushfiqur Sarker main

Vukasin Ilic, SEO Specialist

Vukasin focuses on helping businesses generate more customers by creating tailor-made SEO strategies. He has intensive experience auditing content websites and developing growth strategies.

Vukasin’s main expertise is to utilize first- and third-party data metrics to fine-tune a realistic strategy for growth.

Vukasin Ilic

Common Questions

Who is this service for?

This service is perfect for existing or new websites. Existing websites would benefit from a 6-12 month growth plan that considers the site’s current trajectory and what’s working. New websites would benefit from a blueprint to follow from day one.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is 7 to 10 business days.

What’s required to develop the strategies?

Technically, we do not need access to any platforms. However, having access to Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console data provides additional accuracy since our growth strategies take traffic into account.

How is the report delivered?

A link to download your analysis will be sent to your email address used to purchase.

Pricing & Next Steps

Most Popular

Website Growth Strategy: $1,490

Our team of analysts will rigorously analyze your website to put together a growth strategy spreadsheet and PDF summary report. View sample report.

We deliver the results within 7 to 10 business days.

Add-On Service

Revenue Easy Wins Teardown: $590

We do a walkthrough of the website to pinpoint new revenue opportunities, conversion improvements, and more.

The deliverable is an additional PDF report. No additional turnaround time is needed.

Fill out the contact form with basic details of the content website you would like a strategy for. We will follow up in less than 24 hours after performing a preliminary check to ensure our services would be valuable.